The Bawse On A Budget Planner was designed to provide faith-based believers with a budgeting tool that empowers, motivates, uplifts, and encourages healthy money management.

This planner is perfect for ambitious young women seeking to organize, plan, track, and conquer short-term and long-term financial goals. Not to mention, this planner is undated, which allows you to start your journey when you see fit. A planner made with pure intent to serve beautiful goal-driven women.

Now let’s Bawse UP!

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What's Inside

⚫ Affirmations

⚫ Bible Verses

⚫ Notes Section

⚫ Budget Goal Planning 

⚫ Account Tracker 

⚫ Income Tracker 

⚫ Debt Tracker 

⚫ Bills & Subscriptions Tracker 

⚫ Savings Tracker  

⚫ Goal tracker 

⚫ Retirement Fund Tracker 

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